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We can completely transform your car’s appearance using a high-quality vinyl wrap that can be applied to all panels of your car. We only use the highest quality vinyl to give the most paint like effect. We have a huge variety including colours in gloss, matte, or satin finishes as well as specialty films like flip colours and Chrome.

At Limitless Detailing Spain, we take great satisfaction in the fact that we only employ the best staff who have experience using all types of wrap on all types of vehicles. This along with using the best quality materials will give you the confidence that we will give you a job that we guarantee you will be happy with

Why Choose Us?

Limitless Detailing Spain was founded on the principles of excellence and unwavering customer service. We always monitor the most recent tools and products to use for our projects so that we can provide the best of our craft quality in this industry. We also offer the following benefits for our clients:

  • Fully equipped and insured workshop
  • One of the most skilled automobile restyling companies in Marbella
  • We take great pride in our work and promise you the highest standard installation
  • We pledge to provide you with exceptional service & unbeatable value

Advantages of Car Wrapping in Marbella

Easy Car Makeover

Wrapping your car is the most affordable way to change the look and style of your vehicle. Whether you want to wrap a new car to protect the original paintwork or re-style an older car to bring it a new lease of life, we have the skillset inhouse to do so. 

Protection From Abrasion And Scratching

Improper cleaning methods and simple wear and tear can all harm the paint of your automobile. Thus, car wrapping helps in protecting your vehicle from scratches and external abrasion.

More Affordable Than Repainting

Car wrapping your vehicle is more affordable compared to repainting, since repainting your vehicle may reduce its resale value due to the abrasion and wear that paint may cause. Additionally, it lasts longer than a car repainting and prevents your car paint from fading its colour over time.

Durable And Easy to Maintain

Vehicle wraps are simple to maintain and clean. All you require is appropriate cleaning products for your vehicle wrap. The best approach to keep your vehicle wrap spotless and aesthetically pleasing is to bring it to Limitless for a maintenance wash. If you don’t have time for this or want to wash it yourself, we recommend you first use a snow foam to remove as much dirt as possible and then use the two bucket technique to wash the car. 

We recommend this method to reduce the risk of scratching the wrap. We strongly recommend not to take it to a cheap car wash where they may use strong acid products that may damage or change the appearance of the wrap. We also recommend not taking it to an electric car wash as this may also damage the wrap.

Protects The Value of Your Vehicle

When you get your vehicle wrapped, you are applying a vinyl film to the paintwork. This is not as much protection as PPF film, but helps with the protection of the paint from light scratching and the loss of colour from sunlight. When it comes to you reselling your vehicle, we can remove the wrap for you and do any preparation on your vehicle that you require.

Limitless Design and colour

Car wrapping can be customised in colour and design, and the interior can match the exterior. Whereas custom painting takes dedication. Spray painting an entire vehicle can take up to 7 days. Car wrapping eliminates those problems. Our team of experts here at Limitless Detailing Spain can print your design on vinyl film and apply it to your automobile within two days. It’s error-free and straightforward to repair immediately.

Advantages of Car Wrapping in Marbella

Step 1: We will meticulously clean your car first

We clean your car’s paint with our safe wash process. This process prevents us from bringing in unnecessary dirt. We will then dry the car ready for inspection.

Once your car is dry, we park it in the appropriate wrap bay. Our experienced technician will oversee the project and disassemble any exterior parts. They’ll label and store parts as they go.

Step 2: final vehicle bodywork checks before wrapping

During this process, our professionals look for additional damage or flaws  in the paintwork.

If we have any concerns about the car, we will notify you. You may choose to use our automobile detailing services at this point. This process gives your car the optimum finish and coverage.

Using surface cleansers, each panel is prepared for vinyl. Many vinyl manufacturers offer an approved surface preparation product.

Before vinyl wrapping your vehicle, we utilise surface cleaning. This assures the manufacturer’s warranty compliance.

Step 3: we apply high-quality vinyl to your car.

Most vehicle wrapping tasks require a two-person team, but bumpers may require an extra set of hands. Our crew is always ready to help.

Compared to smaller firms or one-person teams, our team of skilled professionals is a tremendous benefit. Larger or more intricate sections won’t fail from faulty installation. We back this up with our installation warranty.

Each project has a complete paper trail that lists car parts and which technician is responsible for specific sections. This precise and thorough approach ensures a high-quality finish and extended life for your wrap.

Step 4: vehicle wrapping is complete and quality control begins

After the wrap is complete, external elements such as badges, plastic parts etc, are reinstalled. Our temperature-controlled workshop lets the vinyl adhere overnight. We then do a full inspection on the car to make sure that the quality is to the standard that we require.


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Types of Car Wraps

Chrome Wrap

Chrome car wraps can be custom-designed and fitted to any vehicle. This vehicle cover has a brassy, mirror-like sheen to mimic actual chrome. Chrome automobile wraps come in many colors and can incorporate photos and text. Due to its eye-catching appearance, this sort of vehicle wrap can also assist in marketing a business-purpose vehicle.

Gloss Wrap

The glossy wrapping could resemble vintage and authentic automotive paint. Glossy car wraps provide a much smoother surface appearance. This wrap is offered in a variety of colours and can include metallic flakes. A glossy wrap can completely transform the appearance of your car. 

Your car may look better as a result. Therefore, if you want to give your automobile a shiny appearance, this wrap may be your best option.Chrome automobile wraps come in many colors and can incorporate photos and text. Due to its eye-catching appearance, this sort of vehicle wrap can also assist in marketing a business-purpose vehicle.


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Happy clients

Limitless have completely transformed my car with my new wrap. The whole job was done within 1 week.
David Consti
Car Wrapping Client

Matte Wrap

The total opposite of a glossy car warp is a matte wrap. It gives your car a matte finish, as the name suggests. This surface prevents the reflection of light. Your car will have a classic look with a matte cover. Additionally, it makes your car unique. Multiple patterns and textures are produced by matte automobile coverings. Because of its distinctive design, many in Grand Prairie love to install this wrap.


Satin car wraps are glossier than matte ones. A minimum amount of light can be reflected compared to a matte car wrap, but you will never be able to see any proper reflection on the wrapping surface. Your automobile looks really polished with satin wrap. It can therefore be utilised for mobile advertising. In addition, the satin wrap has a very modern look. Therefore, a satin vehicle wrap can be the best option if you want a shiny and matte finish.
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Maintenance Wash

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Paint Correction

Remove swirl marks, light scratches, and bring your paintwork back to its original state with our stage 1, 2 & 3 polish services. Paint correction done properly in Marbella.

Ceramic Coating

Create an extra layer of protection for the exterior of your vehicle with our ceramic coating service in Marbella. Protect from dirt, grime and UV rays.

Car Wrapping

Transform the appearance of your vehicle with a new car wrap. Choose from gloss, matte, or satin finishes, or try flip colours and even chrome.

Window Tinting

Tint the windows of your car to enhance the appearance or simply protect yourself from UV rays. Choose from a range of shades with our window tinting service I’m Marbella


Protect your vehicle from scratches, stones, and abrasions with our self-healing Paint Protection Film. Preserve the value of your car’s bodywork.

Car Detailing

Clean and protect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle with our car detailing service in Marbella. Restore your vehicle back to a like-new condition.

Valet Service

Order a quick, professional clean of your vehicle, both inside and out. We only use pH-neutral products of the highest grade in all of our work.

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