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Bring your cars paint work back to life and make it look better than the day it came out the factory


To keep your car looking it’s best, give your car the protection it deserves with Limitless detailing


We can change the appearance of your car by changing its colour using high quality vinyl wrap

Perfection is Key

Right Here at Limitless Detailing, we always aim to do our work to the best quality attainable. We have a highly skilled expert crew, so whether you want a professional valet, vehicle detailing, or your vehicle wrapped, rest assured you’re in excellent hands!

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Grey Porsche 911 Speedster after car detailing service in Marbella
McLaren 720 S in front of car detailing unit in Marbella receiving car valet service

Professional Valet Genalguacil

We provide a professional valet for your vehicle. We intend to offer your vehicle a deep clean using pH neutral treatments that are safer for your automobile. This service includes a complete outside as well as indoor clean.

Interior Detailing Genalguacil

We provide a large range of vehicle detailing services for your vehicle’s interior. Whether it be a deep cleanse on your natural leather or a spot wash on your floor coverings, we are right here to ensure we bring one of the most discoloured parts of your interior back to their original gleam.

BMW M3 F80 receiving interior detailing service in Marbella
Lamborghini Aventador S car detailing service
BMW M4 Competition San Marino Blue receiving paint polish service in Marbella

Paint, Cut & Polish Genalguacil

The term paint cut and polish are generally applied to describe a paint correction. The paint cut describes the elimination of the scrapes, and the polish describes the restoration of the shine. To know a lot more, please click the link below

Ceramic Coating Genalguacil

As soon as your car’s paintwork looks perfect once more, we strongly advise getting your car ceramic coated. It has several advantages, however the primary one is that your motor will certainly have a layer of resistance from the elements.

This protection will certainly last a several years, depending on which quality you pick and will certainly offer an incredible gloss effect with uncompromising hydrophobic properties that help to maintain your motor vehicle cleaner for longer. It even gives security against chemicals that come into contact with your car.

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BMW wrapped in Army green from Car wrapping service in Marbella

Car Wrapping Genalguacil

We have a highly skilled crew of car-wrappers that will completely enhance the appearance of your motor vehicle. When put on, we use the greatest top quality products to make sure the wrap is exquisite. Select from thousands of colours in different finishing coats such as matte, gloss and two-tones. We work meticulously with big-name brand names such as 3M.

PPF - Paint Protection Film Genalguacil

A Paint Protection Film is a membrane of film that can be applied to used or new cars that will certainly help shield your motor vehicle from stone chips as well as small damages. The film we use is even self-healing, which means if any type of small damages or stone chips occur on the film, it will self-heal itself.

We can in addition apply a ceramic coating to the film to allow it even more protection and all the advantages of a ceramic coating.

BMW M4 CS receiving Paint Protection Film PPF in Marbella
Lamborghini Aventador S receiving car detailing service in Marbella

Premium Car Care Genalguacil

We provide a full door-to-door service for your motor vehicle. We can collect your wheels in our completely covered trailer, transport it to our workshop, perform the requested services, and return it back to your property on our trailer.

Provide your motor vehicle the love it really needs without taking time out of your day. Leave the effort to us.

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