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What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

Paint protection film is composed of urethane, giving the film its virtually undetectable features. Any painted surface that needs defence against stone chips, minor scratches, and other road debris can benefit from its application. Several paint protection films have excellent stain resistance and self-healing capabilities.


Does Paint Protection Film Have Self-Heal Qualities?

Yes! However, this is only true to a certain extent. Light stone chips and scratches can self-heal thanks to this design. The self-healing layer is found in the top coat, roughly 13 microns thick. If that layer is broken through, the film won’t recover.


How do we apply Paint Protection Film?

Here at Limitless Detailing, we design and pre-cut specific panels using our precision-cut Graphtec FC8600-160 plotter before the paint protection film is put to the surface. This guarantees that the vehicle won’t require cutting and provides a faultless, nearly undetectable finish. Our specially prepared solution and squeegee technique are then used to apply our pre-cut graphics. Unlike vinyl or paint protection films, we do not utilize heat to stretch or harden the film.


Can My PPF Be Removed?

Yes, if the paint is factory original and/or has been refinished with a factory-approved bodyshop, our paint protection films can be safely removed if necessary without damaging the surface or leaving any glue residue.


Does Your Paint Protection Film Include A Warranty?

Yes, our manufacturers provide 5, 7, and 10-year warranties against bubbling, peeling, cracking, and yellowing. The two paint protection films we use most frequently are Xpel Ultimate Plus and SunTek Ultra, which have a 10-year warranty.


Will PPF installation cause my paint to fade over time from UV rays?

Yes, our paint protection films are made to let the sun’s UV rays flow through, causing paintwork to fade uniformly at the same pace as unprotected paintwork.


If my automobile has been repainted, how long should I wait before applying PPF?

Please ask your body shop, who is performing the refinish, what they suggest. The time will change based on the body shop’s paint system. You must also wait to install paint protection film until they advise you to postpone waxing the paint.


After installing my PPF, can I use ceramic coatings like Gtechniq Halo, Xpel Fusion, Gyeon Q2 PPF, or other ceramic coatings?

After installation, sealants like Gtechniq Halo are safe to use and won’t harm the paint protection film or interfere with its self-healing ability. But we do not advise using these kinds of sealants before installation. These paint sealant products will have adhesion issues during installation and for the product due to their low surface energy.


If my car already has a ceramic coating, can paint protection film still be applied on top?

Yes, however, we’ll need to make some special preparations for the car to make sure adhesion isn’t compromised.


Is PPF safe to use over stone chips or chips that have been touched?

Yes, the film can be used over touch-ups of any quality. However, the best effect will be achieved if the touched-in area has been sanded smooth and buffed.


Can fog lights and headlights be applied with PPF?

Yes, headlights and fog lights can be covered with paint protection film, which is a great way to shield those parts of the car from receiving stone chips.


Can vinyl decals, stickers, or stripes be covered with paint protection film?

Yes, but based on the thickness of the vinyl or sticker, you might get a small air channel running around the edge.


Can I apply PPF to my car’s interior surfaces?

Yes, as long as the surface is completely smooth, it can be protected.


After Paint Protection Film has been applied, how should I wash my car?

Similar to how you would have done before the film was applied. After applying the film, we advise waiting around seven days before washing. When using a power washer, keep your distance from any edges; ideally, 2-3 feet will suffice to avoid lifting. 

Try to use a liquid spray on wax once a month or after every wash to wax the film; this will help prevent sap from trees and bug spatter from adhering to the surface. Use only PH-neutral products, and avoid harsh chemicals like kerosene, naphtha, and petroleum.


When the product has been removed, will it harm the paint of the vehicle?

Paint protection film is unlikely to damage OEM paint. Depending on the colour, iridescence, and paint system used, paint systems used on modern assembly lines today provide a minimum bond strength of 16 MPa and a maximum of 25 MPa between the panel and the paint. The binding of our film to the painted surface is.0753 MPa in its normal state (immediately after installation). 

The link between the film and the paint only strengthens to 0.17 MPa even after years of heat and sunlight. In the worst-case situation, the bond between the factory paint and the panel is over 94 times stronger than the bond between our film and paint. The paint is 332 times stronger in the best-case scenario.

PPF being added to bonnet of a Porsche Boxter in Blue at the Limitless Detailing center in Marbella


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