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What is Paint Protection Film (PPF)?

PPF was invented by 3M for the US Military to protect helicopter rotors and other delicate equipment from debris and other environmental elements.

What began as military technology slowly entered the commercial sector and matured over decades into the automotive precautionary features we use today to protect the bodywork of our vehicles.

Limitless Detailing Spain offers glossy self healing PPF film application to a range of vehicle types in our workshop in Marbella. These films protect against scratches, abrasions, and weather elements whilst at the same time it can improve the overall appearance and ultimately protect your investment

Is paint protection film worthwhile?

Yes PPF is a worthwhile investment because it can help preserve the resale value of your vehicle. Plus paint protection films are an excellent technique to protect a vehicle’s surfaces from wear and tear, brought on by the most abrasive road debris.

Advantages of Paint Protection Film in Limitless Detailing Spain


Your paintwork is protected by our PPF from chips, minor scratches, environmental contaminants like insect spray, and faults caused by improper washing practices.


Our PPF is incredibly simple to maintain and offers great optical clarity. When properly maintained, it provides a depth of shine similar to recently detailed paint for many years.


Our PPF has a layer that can heal itself. Stone chips, scuffs, scratches, and swirls that don’t go through this layer vanish when exposed to heat sources like hot tap water, the engine of a car, or even just the sun.


You won’t be off the road for too long if a panel needs to be replaced. Unlike typical paint repairs, which can take days or even weeks, most panels may be changed in a matter of hours.

Convenience and time

If a panel needs to be replaced, it can usually be done in a matter of hours, as opposed to days or even weeks for paint repairs.


Our PPF may be updated individually because it is tailored to fit each panel and requires little to no panel stripping or additional paint to match the color of neighboring panels.

How We Install Paint Protection Film

All of our paint protection film packages are original creations by our own designers; the designs are not altered from those of the film producers. providing the best protection possible in compliance with Limitless Detailing Spain’s standards.

  1. Regardless of whether it is a new or old car, a thorough assessment of the vehicle’s condition is done once it gets on site.
  2. Before the film installation process starts, the car’s paint is given a second look using a sun gun to highlight any flaws, swirls, or holograms. Customers are then given the opportunity to choose paint correction if necessary.
  3. The precuts for your vehicle are then cut out using our vinyl plotter.
  4. At this point, we can complete our PPF installation.
  5. The final step before the car receives its final cleaning and is returned to its owner is the quality control phase.
  6. Once we are happy, we then clean the vehicle and the vehicle can be collected by the owner.

What is the drying time for paint protective film?

The protection film may need several days (at least 48 hours) to settle and cure. After installation, try to stay away from touching the film for roughly a week. Do not be concerned if there is some bubbling during that time. After the curing is complete, it will eventually go away.

How much does paint protection film last?

Limitless Detailing Spain’s paint protection film lasts for 5 to 7 years, depending on the type of care, the environment when driving, and wear and tear. Over time, the Self-Healing abilities of the PPF will deteriorate. It happens due to wear and tear naturally. However, every PPF company is striving for the longest warranty that the public can use.

How much does it cost to paint protection film a car?

All of our quotations are bespoke to your vehicle. The reason for this is that every car that comes to us is in a different condition and may require more work to get to the standard required of the client. We also offer different levels of PPF protection so this will also affect the pricing. Please get in contact with us and we will be able to give you a non obligatory very competitive quotation for your vehicle.
The PPF was one of the best decisions I made to protect my car. I had the work done 2 weeks after I received me new car and it has helped protect the body work countless times.
Sam Tollit
PPF Client

What PPF coverage should I choose?

PPF was traditionally put on wheel arches, bonnet, or the front panels. Many consumers want us to cover the whole car. Modern films and our design and installation techniques make it worthwhile to protect the entire car. Paint protection film protects your automobile from stone chips, car park nudges, and scratches. We can cover ANY painted, carbon fiber, or smooth automobile surface, including interior trims. We have alternatives for every aspect of the automobile, including thicker film for bumpers and sills and clearer film for bonnets and tops. Our matte film covers pricey matte paints and carbon fiber paints.

What is Limitless Detailing Spain’s PPF Warranty?

Paint Protection Film put by Limitless Detailing Spain’s authorized installers comes with a 5-year warranty, the longest and most comprehensive in Spain. We guarantee your film against yellowing, crackling, and lifting and will replace any area that fails inspection throughout its warranty period (from date of purchase). Accidents, collisions, intentional usage, normal wear, and materials or cleansers not indicated for PPF are not covered by the warranty. Along with the guarantee, we provide After Care assistance and documentation to keep the automobile looking fantastic. For warranty exclusions, terms and conditions, and aftercare information, contact us right away!

What do I need to keep in mind for my vehicle’s PPF aftercare and maintenance?

Once your car has been installed with our PPF, you can rest assured that preserving the glossy appearance of the PPF is simple and clear. We give After Care instructions with your warranty documentation.

  • As film installation is a wet operation, do not wash the car for 7 days thereafter. The moisture between the film and paint is still evaporating, and shampoos might impair this and the adhesive characteristics around each panel.
  • Once the film has cured, you can wash the car as normal (if possible, use the twin bucket method and a lambswool wash mitt). If using a pressure washer, keep the spray lance at least 3 feet away from the film, especially the edges, as the pressure may lift the film. 
  • If you receive bug spatter or bird dropping, remove it as quickly as possible as you would with bare paint. While the PPF gives protection, the top layer is identical to your car’s lacquer and will be marked by acid etching.
  • You can polish or wax PPF-covered panels, but you must choose products carefully. Resin, solvent, or abrasive polishes might haze the film or damage its self-healing ability. If you’re unsure, you may ask our specialists for recommended products.
  • Surface scratches and swirl marks in the film will heal over time. If you need to hasten the process, apply warm water (not boiling) over the targeted region to help the film transform back into its original state.


Maintenance Wash

Interactively procrastinate high-payoff content without backward-compatible data. Quickly cultivate optimal processes and tactical architectures.

Paint Correction

Remove swirl marks, light scratches, and bring your paintwork back to its original state with our stage 1, 2 & 3 polish services. Paint correction done properly in Marbella.

Ceramic Coating

Create an extra layer of protection for the exterior of your vehicle with our ceramic coating service in Marbella. Protect from dirt, grime and UV rays.

Car Wrapping

Transform the appearance of your vehicle with a new car wrap. Choose from gloss, matte, or satin finishes, or try flip colours and even chrome.

Window Tinting

Tint the windows of your car to enhance the appearance or simply protect yourself from UV rays. Choose from a range of shades with our window tinting service I’m Marbella


Protect your vehicle from scratches, stones, and abrasions with our self-healing Paint Protection Film. Preserve the value of your car’s bodywork.

Car Detailing

Clean and protect both the interior and exterior of your vehicle with our car detailing service in Marbella. Restore your vehicle back to a like-new condition.

Valet Service

Order a quick, professional clean of your vehicle, both inside and out. We only use pH-neutral products of the highest grade in all of our work.

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