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Limitless Detailing Spain offers high-quality window tinting services. Car window tinting is the process of laminating car glass to offer solar protection, privacy, and security. By darkening a window to block views into a car, vehicle tinting privacy films offer concealment, while still allowing the driver to see out of his car window. Additionally, we provide a selection of safety and security films that hold car windows in place so that even if they do break, the film keeps the glass in place. To learn more about our window tinting services contact us and we’ll help you get started!

How much does it cost to tint a car?

The typical range for a whole automobile tint is €100 – €400. Even with premium brands, window tints are not expensive.

Does window tinting reduce heat in a car?

Car tint helps keep your car cooler by blocking UV and infrared rays. Both are to blame for the extra heat that builds up in your car during a sunny day. 

Which is better, ceramic tint or regular tint?

Ceramic window tint is far more effective for heat protection. The best window tinting option for desired heat reduction entering a car’s cabin is ceramic window tint, which is made to target and block infrared light through unique infrared blockers in the film’s layers.

Advantages of Window Tinting

  1. Beautifying qualities.  Window tinting easily transforms an automobiles appearance, making it more fashionable and appealing.  
  2. Direct Sunlight Protection. By reflecting the sun’s direct beams, window tinting increases driving safety. As a result, the driver can see everything clearly and better.
  3. Protection from interior burnout. Upholstery and other materials’ ornamental appearance is maintained because the tint helps reflect damaging ultraviolet rays.
  4. Protects passengers from ultraviolet radiation exposure. Automotive tint film aids in shielding people and especially children from the harmful effects of UV radiation.
  5. Prevents interior overheating. Infrared and ultraviolet spectra are delayed and reflected by modern athermal films. As a result, the interior of the automobile doesn’t get as hot, which is beneficial during the summer.

How we Install Window Tints

Privacy, style, safety, or UV protection are primary reasons to tint car windows. Some install home tint, but others choose a professional to install it. Here is how we do our window-tinting method.

  • Preparation 

Our first step in window tint installation is to customize our prep work based on your vehicle’s state. Initially, the window condition. New cars from the factory have less filth and cleansers than older cars. The existing window tint must be removed, which might be difficult.

Preparation ensures the installer has a clean canvas. Special cleaners and prep treatments remove oil, grease, and film before application.

  • Car Window Measuring and Fitting

Next, we will measure and fit the window for flawless installation. This step varies by window tint kind. Some are pre-cut depending on manufacturer requirements, while others must be hand-cut. There’s no benefit either way, especially if a certified installation does the work.

  • Tint Installation

This process varies by tint material and manufacturer’s instructions. Inside window tinting is usually the quickest phase of the job, while measuring, fitting, and cutting takes longer.

Window tint is always put on the inside of the window, therefore access to the windows, fabrication (removing trim pieces, etc.), and ‘moving around space’ can increase installation time.

  • Window Curing and Finishing

Before handing over your car, the detailer will ensure everything is clean, the window film has cured, and you know any post-purchase restrictions. Most window tints require the car owner to wait a day or two before rolling down the windows to ensure the glue has dried.

Types of Window Tints

There are typically six main types of car window tinting.  There are several advantages and price points associated with each grade or style of tinting.

  1. Dyed Window Tint – Dye tints offer a cheap entry point for tint film. Multiple layers of embedded dyes obscure sunlight and reduce cabin temperature by absorbing solar heat. It doesn’t offer UV protection. Multiple opacity levels make it a visual enhancing window tint.
  2. Metalized Window Tint – Metalized tint is the second level. Instead of dyes, metal particles block sunlight in the film. A metalized tint adds luster and solidity to windows, reducing the risk of breaking.
  3. The Hybrid Dye and Metallic Tint Film – The hybrid tint combines the best of both tints. This window tint contains a grey dye and titanium metallic flakes. It’s not too dark but it blocks UV rays, reduces sun exposure inside, and doesn’t affect night driving.
  4. Carbon Tint Film – Carbon-infused window tint is a step up compared to the first three mentioned. Carbon coating blocks roughly 40% of infrared radiation. Carbon tint film doesn’t fade, making it lasts for years. On the other hand, it is more costly. 
  5. Crystalline Window Tint – Some car owners want the cooling and defensive benefits of window tinting without the darkening. Crystalline window tint does this. It blocks UV and infrared rays without darkeing the glass, keeping your car cool.
  6. Ceramic Window Tint – Ceramic Window Tint is considered the best because it uses nonconductive ceramic particles. It doesn’t reduce mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, or other electronic signals. Ceramic window tints block 50% of solar heat without reducing visibility. They’re shatterproof, decrease glare and fade, and block 99.9% of UV rays. 
The window tint has completely changed the look of my car. Absolutely love it.
David Carmichael
Window Tint Client

Average Cost of Window Tinting

We’re well known for our attention to detail and service that you’ll be more than happy with. Our clients and their car always come first. Come and check it out.

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